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Designed for light weight internal doors incorporating a spring compressed in the door and anchored to plates on the door jamb.

concealed/hidden automatic door closers. Astra Door Controls Preston
This simple but effective method of door closing is available in brass and chrome finish, square or radius plates and is suitable for either right or left hand doors.
Gibcloser Concealed Spring Action Door Closer. Astra 3000 Series door closer. Gibraltar door closer.
The Gibcloser Concealed Spring Action Door Closer should be fitted to the door with a pair of ball bearing hinges and a good quality latching mechanism.
Hydraulic Concealed Door Closers. Astra 3000, 1000 & Gibraltar Series Door Controls. Astra 3000 Series Door Controls. Suitable for use on ½ hour and 1 hour light weight fire door.

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