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6/15/2023 concealed door closers door closer fire door doors door specification

Specifying door closers? Here's what you need to know about jamb-mounted concealed closers.

  1. Compliance with UK building regulations: Ensure that the jamb-mounted door closers meet the relevant UK building regulations, such as Approved Document M and BS 8300, for accessibility and ease of use.


  1. Fire safety standards: Be aware of the fire safety standards, including BS EN 1154 and BS EN 1634, to guarantee that the jamb-mounted door closers are suitable for fire-rated doors and contribute to overall building safety.


  1. Weight and size of the door: Understand the importance of selecting the right door closer based on the door's weight and size to guarantee optimal performance and durability.


  1. Closing force and control: Familiarise yourself with the adjustable closing force and control features, such as backcheck and delayed action, which can be crucial for ensuring user comfort and accessibility.


  1. Aesthetic considerations: Recognise the advantage of jamb-mounted door closers in offering a discreet and visually appealing solution, as the closer mechanism is concealed within the door frame.


  1. Material and finish options: Be informed about the various material and finish options available for jamb-mounted door closers to match the door and surrounding décor seamlessly.


  1. Installation process: Understand the installation process and any special requirements for fitting jamb-mounted door closers to ensure a secure and reliable setup.


  1. Compatibility with other door hardware: Ensure that the chosen jamb-mounted door closer is compatible with other door hardware components, such as hinges, locks, and handles, to maintain functionality and ease of use.


  1. Maintenance and durability: Keep in mind the maintenance requirements and expected lifespan of jamb-mounted door closers, selecting models with proven durability and low maintenance needs for long-term satisfaction.


  1. Sourcing from reputable manufacturers: Prioritise sourcing jamb-mounted door closers from reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the UK to guarantee quality, performance, and compliance with relevant standards.