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Meet The Team - The Ebay-aholic


The latest victim to take part in our Meet the Team Q&A feature is Astra's Ebay fanatic / Management Accountant Isabel Fisher.  Pleased to welcome Izzie.

About you

Name and Job title?

Isabel Fisher – Izzie    Accounts Clerk, Management Accountant,  depends upon who I have to ask for what


Nickname? And why?

Smellie – hope it’s cause when we were little my friends could only rhyme Isabel with is a smell


What is your guilty pleasure?

Ebay – I can convince myself that I can’t live without something, that 10 minutes ago I never knew existed.  That said I’ve bought two cars, a caravan,  a motorbike, and travelled a fair way to collect things


What was the craziest / most stupid thing you did as a child?

I wrapped a rope around my neck, the other end attached to the pony I was brushing, it gave me two free hands and worked well until a large wagon frightened the poor animal who set off away from the noise.  Luckily he stopped when he felt the wieght of me dragging behind.  I had a fabulous rope burn !


Have you ever broken the law? Explain?

I used to believe that it was legal to pay for my car tax around the 15th of the month – well they charge you for a full month anyway!


If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning medal for?

Eating – Not much I don’t like, and not very often that I can’t be persuaded to eat something.


If you won the lotto or came in to millions of pounds what would be the first thing you would do / buy?

I’d write out a list of friends to give money to, then go find my  E Type.     Back to ebay!


If you could be a member of any band who would it be? And why?

I’d hate to be in any band, am just not very happy being the centre of attention.


What irrational fears do you have?

I’m pretty rational – but I can have some strange dreams where I think someone is coming to do work to the house, and I’ve not moved anything out of their way. I lie there thinking ‘ they will be here soon, I must get things moved’ whilst the rational bit of me thinks,’ but I’m not having anything done, so where has this come from?’



About Work

How are you enjoying the exciting world of Door closers?

Hectic, but rewarding.


Favourite door closer finish?

It’s close but if I have to choose one it’s the polished copper.


Who is your favourite colleague?

They are all great.


Who is the most irritating staff member?



Best part of the job?

I’m in accounts – seeing it balance, is that sad?


Worst part of working for Astra Door Controls?

Having to go home….yeah!


If would to enquire about any of Astra Door controls concealed hydraulic door closers you can contact Julie on 01772 796901 option 1, 1.


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