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One size fits all?


Door closer specialist Astra is calling on the door and hardware industry and the architects that specify it to take a more realistic approach to selecting and sizing door closers. The company believes that the universal adherence to selecting a size 3 closer, regardless of the size of the door and the real life situation, not only stifles innovation it also means that many doors are not actually complying with UK Building Regulations.

It has long been accepted wisdom that size 3 door closers are the only option for doors which are to
comply with the UK’s Equality Act, BS 8300 and Approved Document M. But Astra is arguing for a
more practical and versatile approach which actually works in real life scenarios.

“While all the torque force calculations currently accepted by purists being carried out on one metre
wide doors, those of us working in the field know that the outcome of using a size three closer on a
narrower door of 750mm for example, is very different,” argues Astra’s Philip Gallagher. “It can
result in a door that is very difficult to open, especially if it is not opened at the leading edge as is so
often the case when people are struggling with shopping, buggies, wheelchairs or walking aids.”
A size 3 closer exerts an opening force of 30N on a metre wide door, but on 750mm door that
increases to 40N on the leading edge. In many cases it is nigh on impossible to achieve reasonable
opening forces using a size 3 closer on a narrower door and a much more sensible – and compliant –
option would be to use a correctly adjusted size 1 or 2 closer.

EN1154 Annexe A – the standard so often quoted in UK specifications –is actually not referenced at
all in UK Building Regulations. “It seems that in the UK we have adopted a European standard which
simply does not suit our domestic market,” says Philip Gallagher. “It is time to take a sensible
approach and fit closer that actually achieve the desired results on a consistent basis.”

Astra is well known for its door closer range including the popular Gibraltar range. The Lancashirebased
company can demonstrate many years experience in the sector and carries out all of its own
R&D in-house. It exports its British door closers all across the globe via a network of distributors and
partner companies.