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ASTRA 3003

ASTRA 3003 Overview

The 3003 concealed jamb mounted door closer has been developed to meet standards, fire regulations, accessibility requirements and offers an alternative to face fixed closers.It is CE Marked to the European harmonised standard BS EN1154.

ASTRA 3003 Product Safety and Testing


  • CE Marked
  • BS EN1154 approved
  • BS EN1634 approved
  • FD30 fire doors
  • FD60 fire doors
  • Certifire – sound secure doors
  • PAS 23 PAS 24 – sound secure doors

Astra 3003 Door Control – Technical Details


  • Integrated door control
  • Jamb mounted frame plate hinge side
  • Suitable for use on right and left swing doors
  • Completely concealed when door is closed


  • Fixed power EN3
  • Closing force 4° from latch 19Nm
  • Opening force 4° from latch 22Nm
  • Continuous valve control from 90°
  • Maximum opening angle 105°


  • Adjustable closing speed whilst installed
  • Adjustable latching action
  • Maintenance free

Test Evidence

  • Continuous testing 500,000 cycles
  • Included in Enhanced Security Door-set to PAS24 Sound Secure Range Halspan and Strebord 44mm and 54mm fire doors
  • Fire test conducted in accordance with BS EN1634-1:2000 Test report CHILT/RF06118
  • Tested to European Harmonised Standard BS EN1154


• Reduced ligature

• hotel bedrooms

• Internal Office doors

• Interior private dwellings

• Cubicle doors

• Student accommodation

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