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Astra Closers Enable Homebond Compliance

House builders across Ireland are turning to Astra Door Controls CE Marked concealed door closers to help comply with Building Regulations for fire safety in apartment buildings and achieve HomeBond certification.

Astra Door Controls sponsor Cherrybrook FC

Astra Door Controls are now a sponsor of Cherrybrook Football Club a registered charity and Charter Standard Community club.

Astra Door Controls are pleased to support Fire Door Safety Week

Fire door safety week is an award winning campaign designed "to raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors, to encourage building owners and users to check the operation and condition of their fire doors and to engage and educate people to understand the correct specification, supply, installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of fire doors."

See the new Astra 4000 series at 100% Design


CE Marked concealed closers offer sure fire alternative to overheads

Astra’s best-selling power size 3 3000 Series concealed door closer is fully CE Marked and independently fire tested, making it the perfect choice for fire doors. Fitted to the hinge-edge of doors in hotels, apartment entrances, schools, hospitals and commercial premises across the globe, the Astra 3003 closer is fully adjustable, fully controlled and much more aesthetically pleasing than the surface-mounted overhead alternatives.

New finishes make Astra Closers the designers choice.

Astra’s 3000 series of fully-controlled concealed door closers already trump overhead closers in terms of aesthetic appeal. Now a new range of finishes make the Astra 3000 Series the perfect choice for any design style.

Congratulations John Planck Ltd on reaching a milestone 25th Anniversary

Tom Planck – John Planck Ltd MD centre & Philip Gallagher – Astra Door Controls MD right

Astra closers make London development safe and practical

3000 Series concealed door closers have been used to great aesthetic and practical effect on a landmark residential development in at a landmark development in East London.

Miles better door closers

Over 600 doors on the Quartermile development in Edinburgh will feature 3000 Series concealed door closers from Astra Door Controls. The closers were chosen by the door manufacturers and architectural ironmongers to suit the sleek, modern interiors of the apartments at Quartermile since they are concealed in the door’s hinge edge, yet comply with all building and fire regulations.

Astra Closer Perform Perfect Duo in Singapore

More than 600 of Astra’s 3000 Series concealed door closers have been specified and fitted at DUO, an award-winning contemporary twin-tower development in Singapore. The stunning mixed-use development is the showpiece building in the significant Ophir Rochor corridor redevelopment.