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Astra closers to the fore!

Hundreds of Astra 3000 Series door closers have helped make newly refurbished homes in London’s Enfield safe and practical for tenants. New flat entrance doors, supplied by PDS Ltd are part of a major facelift and improvements at Fore Street Estate in Edmonton by ALMO Enfield Homes. The closers were selected for their ability to close these fire-rated doors efficiently while at the same time being unobtrusive, hard wearing and reliable. In addition, there is a closer in the 3000 Series for any size of door – no matter how narrow – making the doors eminently usable for tenants, no matter how able.

Hidden Assets

Q: Where can concealed closers be used? Are they just for residential projects? A: Although concealed closers are most often associated with domestic doors on apartment entrance doors, they do, in fact, have much wider uses in commercial settings too. In fact a concealed closer can be used on any door with a light to medium traffic flow. If you’re unsure contact your supplier but as a rule of thumb they can be used in many of the applications where overhead closers are used.

Series 3000 closers make prestigious grade

More than four hundred 3000 Series concealed closers from Astra Door Controls have been specified and fitted on one of London’s most prestigious developments, The Lancasters.

Towering success

3000 Series concealed door closers have been used to great aesthetic and practical effect on a landmark residential development in Cork, Ireland. The Elysian Tower, the tallest building in Ireland and a benchmark for smart urban living, features over four thousand of the innovative Astra 3000 Concealed Closers on apartment entrance doors, internal doors and cross corridor doors.

New Astra Man in Dubai

Door closer specialist Astra Door Controls has appointed a new distributor in the Middle East. Rob Sherwood joins the company to help establish a successful operation in the region from his Dubai base. Rob is highly experienced in the construction industry and will be targeting architects, AIs, and specifiers with Astra’s innovative range of concealed closers.

One size fits all?

Door closer specialist Astra is calling on the door and hardware industry and the architects that specify it to take a more realistic approach to selecting and sizing door closers. The company believes that the universal adherence to selecting a size 3 closer, regardless of the size of the door and the real life situation, not only stifles innovation it also means that many doors are not actually complying with UK Building Regulations.

Astra closes the deal for locksmiths

Astra’s new 3000 series of fully-controlled concealed door closers is already being hailed as one of the most innovative products of the year. And now Astra is offering locksmiths the chance to profit from the increasing sales of this easy-to-fit and innovative product in key markets such as schools, hotels and hospitals.